Experiment 7: The Y In the Sky

Experiment 8.2: Forming The Network

Experiment 18: Out of the Darkness

Experiment 5: Symmetry

Experiment 15: Big Brushstrokes 

Experiment 3: Tree Pedigree

Experiment 22: Shadows 

A Year of Experiments

August 2016-August 2017


Experiment 10: Brain Zap

Experiment 20: Contrast 

Experiment 12: Revival of the Stick Figures

Experiment 11: Speed Painting

Experiment 4: Chaos To Order

Experiment 6: Squiggles 

Experiment 1: Playing With Paint

Experiment 21: Exposed 

​​​All good experiments begin with a question and end with two more.

Experiment 17: Emergence 

Experiment 13: Division of Space 

Experiment 16: Building Space

Experiment 8.1: Connective Tissue Studies

Experiment 9: Twisting Matter

The reality that everything emerges from and returns to one.

Experiment 2: Inspiration From Rock Climbing


Experiment 23: Paint-Bots  

Experiment 14: Live Brushstrokes

Experiment 24: Minimalism  

Experiment 19: Flow 

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