The reality that everything emerges from and returns to one.

The Chase Park Plaza, Wings of Hope Gala   

Soulard Art Gallery 

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Artists First Studio (2016-Present)

Cat on a hot tin roof exhibit St. Louis Art Thomas Dunn Learning Center Jasmine Raskas Unus Mundus Art

33 April, Visitors Choice Award 

Live Painting and Art Display at Rise 

event hosted at 4240 Duncan Ave, April 2017 

"Different Filter/Different Lens" Art Show

​Gallery showing at Lambert St. Louis International Airport, August 2016-January 2017

2018 - 2017 Highlights 

"Serendipity" Art Show

​Gallery showing at Jones Gallery, February 2017

2015- June 2017 

33 May, Visitors Choice Award 

Confluence Kombucha 

MySLART Art Shows 

events hosted at The Old Orchard Gallery

Print Bazzar on Cherokee

event hosted at Flowers To The People, December 2016 

Deer Creek Coffee (2015-Present)

Upcoming & Current

The Koken Art Factory, Poptropolis by Vodka Bacon Studios  

Float Center Shiloh 

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